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Magic Tap As Seen On TV

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Magic Tap Drink Dispenser As Seen On TV


Wow, this is really a fine little tool that will came so in handy! You really need this as it avoids spelling juices, milk and other drinks that your kids wanna drink.

Why let them make such a mess every time they handle different bottles and awkward containers? With the Magic Tap As Seen On TV you will never have to worry about this – it will turn any beverage container into an automatic and spill proof drink dispenser.

Now isn’t that cool?… Magic Tap fits almost any container for a perfect glass of favorite drink with just one simple touch…

Your kids will love helping themselves with a bowl of cereal in the morning or that healthy fresh orange juice without worrying about spilling everything on everything. And you will love it MORE!

Magic Tap as seen on TV is so easy to use: just insert, adjust and press.

This offer is NOT available in stores!

So, Why Buy It?

  • Automatic drink dispenser
  • Spill proof design
  • Never lift a heavy beverage container again
  • Perfect for kids getting their own drink
  • Works with most bottles, jugs and containers
  • Can be used with hot or cold beverages
  • Battery-powered (2 AA batteries – not included)
  • Includes Magic Tap and Kid Friendly Drink Guide
  • Great for parties and limonade stands!

Buy1 Get 1 FREE Offer:

When ordering today, you will receive the Magic Tap® Drink Dispenser for just $19.99 +$8.99 S&H, and they will include a second Magic Tap® Drink Dispenser 100% Free!


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