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Derm Exclusive Reviews:Does It Really Work? A MUST READ Review!

Derm Exclusive Reviews – Is It Worth A Try? Find Out All About It Below


Derm Exclusive reviews – does it really work? Customer results with before & after photos. All about Dr. Ordons’s Fill & Freeze skin care & anti wrinkle technology.

So many women are searching these days for Derm Exclusive reviews – they want to know if this Derm Exclusive skin care line is really as good as featured on TV infomercials by its creator, Dr. Andrew Ordon.


We took the time to investigate and find out more about what people that already purchase it have to say and if they are happy about their purchase or are getting real results as promised.

People Are Investigating

Surprisingly, people are even searching for negative reviews or bad reviews… Why is that? Because we are so mentally driven to think about the worst, and to think that is too good to be true and these people just want to take our money.

While sometimes these situations and cases maybe true, every once in a while there is a product out there that can give us great results and we may just pass by it if we continually think negative and we are not willing to try it.

“I am loving Derm Exclusive… I was an avid Mary Kay user for years and then Arbonne for a short while. This system is so effective, less steps and free of all the ‘no nos’ “real customer review

This skin care line is approximately new on the market, and there are not so many reviews about it yet, but that doesn’t mean that is not great.

Lets’s Start With The Beginning

You probably found out about Derm Exclusive from TV. Minnie Driver liked it so much that she wanted to endorse this breakthrough skin care line. She appears in TV Infomercials like this one:

Now that you have seen some reviews, you are certainly thinking that these are paid reviews (and you are probably right). But whether these women were or were not compensated for their input about the product, the fact remains that they show some amazing results in this video!

And do not think for a second that this is working just for women. Men can & should use it too! Greg Barth was kind enough to share with us his results on YouTube. Those are wonderful results for him, in just 30 days of using Dr. Ordon’s Derm Exclusive those eye wrinkles has just disappeared!

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Unbiased Derm Exclusive Reviews

What about reviews from people that are not compensated for their opinion? We searched and found some of them on YouTube and we want share them here so you learn more about Dr. Ordon’s Derm Exclusive and make a decision about it if you decide to try it.

Derm Exclusive Best. Facial. Products.

“At night, you use all four products. During the day though you only use three products. Before I get into the day time care, I must say this is amazing!”

Derm Exclusive, yes it does work!

“6 weeks into using this system and I am noticing some great improvements! My acne is better, age spots are fading and weathered skin is smoothing out.”

Derm Exclusive Week 1 Review

“I love it!”

What Makes Derm Exclusive So Effective?

The Micro-Smoothing Peptides in Fill & Freeze® Wrinkle Treatment immediately plump lines and wrinkles while relaxing the “crease memory” that contributes to crow’s feet. But Derm Exclusive® isn’t just about instant results.

The longer you use it, the better your skin will actually look over time.

Exfoliates 6 x Better Than A Microdermabrasion

Dramatic anti-aging results without the expense, risk & recovery time.

Holywood stars use it to look younger!

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Let’s see some reviews from the official Beachbody site:

I look much younger after 30 days Derm Exclusive

“At age 66 I had sun damage dry skin, sagging chin line, dark circles under eyes, two large age spots on cheeks, and deep forhead wrinkles. After 30 days use my fine wrinkles are almost gone! Deep wrinkles dimished. Age spots almost gone. Chin line firm again. I look like I did at age 55. I love you Dr. Ordon.”

GREAT Product

“I have been a Master Cosmetologist for over 30 years and worked at some very high end department stores in cosmetics and nothing I have ever used has worked like these products!! The Fill and Freeze literally makes the creases disappear and after repeated use the wrinkles stay gone. The lines around my mouth, lip, frown lines and above my eyes are gone. I will always use these products. They are the BEST I have ever come across. I can’t say enough about these products they’re great!”

It works!

“I wasn’t sure if I would reorder then I looked in the mirror one morning after 2 to 2 1/2 weeks in and OMG….the line that goes from the outside of your nose to the outside of your lip (sorry I don’t know what that’s called) was gone! After the first 2 days I developed a couple tiny blemishes on my chin but they disappeared the next day. I’m in my late 50’s and love it!”

The product is “FANTASTIC”

“I love the products but the applicator for the wrinkle cream has to GO! It is to hard to use. I am not sure how much cream is on the brush. I know is am wasting alot.
The products are truly Wonderful and they do work.. I do notice a Big difference.
Thanks I am looking GOOD!”

Wonderful Products!

“I have been using these products for 30 days. Wow! What a difference. I would recommend all the products in the line. My skin is brighter and the lines seems to diminish as the weeks go by. My skin seems firmer than it did just a month ago. I am 45 years old and am so happy I ordered. Anything to make me look in the mirror and feel like time is standing still is worth the money!”

Amazing at 40!!!! Skin Like a Babies.

“This product is amazing! If it’s not working for you, your not using it right.. Use as directed and there will be nothing to complain about ! I’ve tried many different “celebrity” indorsed product and have been disappointed. NOT THIS ONE!!!! My skin hasn’t been this smooth in years. Its like a babies! LOVE IT.”


“Being in the film and television industry, I am very conscious of how I look. After trying everything from products from $500.00 lotions and plastic surgeons, I was AMAZED AT HOW THIS DOES WORK!!! Within a few days (actually 2), I saw a HUGE difference in my skin and the lines are almost completely gone!! When I put makeup on this morning and used the Freeze pen, not one line showed!! I am the biggest skeptic around but this has changed my mind and I am now going to use nothing other than Derm Exclusive! Thanks for turning back my clock and saving me on future Juvederm and Botox costs!”

WOW works and I have pictures to prove it

“Im surprised to hear some of the negative comments. I have only been using it for less than a month and I actually took pics of before I applied the fill and freeze and after; pics say a thousands words, works real well for me.”

However good a product may be, it cannot please everybody… Whether there were customers that did not get those expected results or a competitor that wanted to shake the trust about these products, we did found some negative testimonials too.

Some of them like:

I like it, but unsure

“I like the way it makes my skin feel. The micro peel pads work really good, except I did get red irritaion for a few minutes then it clears up. The Fill and Freeze pen needs work. The serum comes out from base instead of brush end, but I did see a difference in fine lines. I really like the repair serum but the pump was defective. So, over all the products were good but packaging not so good!!”

Just OK

“First the Fill and Freeze pens did not work, had to pop the top off to get any out, and they certainly would not last very long. I have seen no real imporvement in my shin, no do I see a difference when using the Fill and Freeze on even very fine lines. I am giving it another few weeks, but dont expect to see any improvement based on the sesults of the past 4 weeks.”

Disappointed with Fill and Freeze Pen

“I love the serum and the collagen cream they are light and refreshing,.
I However, am extremely disappointed with the Pen ( Fill and Freeze) When and if I get any product out of the pen it does okay, but, I get very frustrated because every time I use it I have to turn to many time (5-6) to get any moisture.”

Although this skin care line is a BeachBody product, we do not recommend it just for the brand itself. We are recommending it for the amazing results that many people did get from them. People are not buying products, people are buying results.

It’s fair to say that there is a 30 day money back guarantee so… if you are not happy with the results for whatever reason, just ask for a refund…

The summer is coming soon… now it’s time to get rid of that ugly & unwanted lines and wrinkles that you see every day in the mirror, and prepare to see a younger face… a face that is smiling back at you, secretly knowing that uses on its advantage the amazing Derm Exclusive Skin Care linePeople will ask, will complement you and you will feel like “you’re on cloud nine”.

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There are few customers that said that did not get results at all, or just complaining about the fill & freeze pen. Well, no product can work for everybody. It may depend on age, skin type, how you use it, honesty and so on… But you can get a refund after 30 days if you do not like it. That’s a good thing.

But the vast majority of testimonials that we could found speak about great results that Derm Exclusive skin care line can provide. Wrinkles & fine lines around eyes and mouth vanished sometimes after just 2 weeks of using these products for some people. And that’s a fantastic thing!


Update: 22/12/13 Our research has found that people interested in Derm Exclusive have been getting great results using Dr. Ordon’s Fill and Freeze anti wrinkle treatment.

Even actress Felicity Huffman had to exclaim:

“Okay, this stuff is so magical it should be sold at Hogwarts. I didn’t use it for weeks thinking, “Yeah, yeah, freeze the wrinkles… my ass.” But then I did a little experiment: I put it on, waited 2 minutes, then looked at my X8 magnifying mirror ( which I also call my “too much information mirror”), and the lines around my eyes were astoundingly improved, no joke. It kind of plumps them up and they fill in!”

Why Is Derm Exclusive Different From Anything Else?

One of Beachbody’s rep stated that “The patented Triple Target Technology uses a proven system to not only get rid of dead skin, but to fill in the skin using natural methods.

The anti-aging ingredients work into the layers of the skin to deliver moisture and care so that the current skin and future skin will still look youthful and radiant. The technology used in the product is completely unique to the product and cannot be found in anything else.”

Example results in images below.

real Derm Exclusive customer results


What to do next?…

If you want to see how Derm Exclusive works on your skin, you should know that only purchasing from the official site will make you eligible for the 30 day money back guarantee and friendly assistance.

Step 1. Decide that is time to get professional results in the privacy of you own home. Your skin deserves it. You deserve it too.


Step 2. Click on the image below and take action to start looking young again!


Love it? Visit The Official Site Now!

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