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Curvassure As Seen On TV – Butt Toning Shorts

Curvassure Butt Toning Shorts As Seen On TV


Tone Your Butt in Just 30 Days Without Exercise

 Curvassure as seen on TV butt toning shorts can give you that Brazil butt you’ve always wanted. And you can skip the lunges, squats and DVD workouts. How does it sound?

Do you wish you had a sexy butt? Wanna look good in skinny jeans? If so, then check out the new Curvassure Butt Toning Shorts!

The Curvassure System’s real secret is the Curvassure Contour Muscle Stimulator that works via EMS technology.  Also called Electronic Muscle Stimulation, it’s a technology that’s been used in the medical industry for over 30 years. Physical therapists and doctors use it to fix or rehabilitate muscles.

Curvassure As Seen On TV Benefits:

  • 9 Out of 10 Users Felt Results in 4 weeks!*
  • EMS Technology Does the Exercise for You!
  • Get a Glute Workout ANYTIME & ANYWHERE!

Everybody wants to show off a sexy bottom, but is not as easy to get one… With today’s lifestyle, stress and being always on the go, who has time to spare to visit the gym, or even make some butt exercises in their home privacy? Fewer fortunate ones of course…

This is the reason for which Curvassure can be a God sent equipment to help women out, especially for those that have a secret wish to bring back to life their bottom, and never gave up that idea. No matter what their age is! Can Curvassure really help them? Well, they say:

  • Curvassure is the key to a fast, effortless and sexy butt.
  • No Gym Visits or Complicated Workout Routines
  • Over 200 Contraction Reps per Session

The system is using muscle slim technology that makes shaping and toning a breeze, while you go ahead and do your chores. No work for you at all to get that sexy butt:

“Instead of you performing endless squats, lunges and lifts, the strategic placement of electrode pads within the trainer-designed Curvassure shorts deliver comfortable pulses that directly stimulate the muscle fibers in your glutes. As the muscle fibers contract and release, your butt gets strengthened, toned and lifted!”

Curvassure As Seen On TV Is Convenient

Curvassure does all the work while you go about your activities or even watch TV. It has 25 levels of intensity, so you can customize the setting that’s right for you without worrying about your form or if you’re doing it right. With Curvassure, they say that every rep is perfect!

In order to see a difference you have to use it 30 minutes per day, but after just 30 days your butt will be on its way to become irrezistible!  

What Are The Girls Saying About Curvassure?

“I am really surprised at the contraction and how strong it was. I was sore the next day and that continued probably for a week. Which is pretty good because I usually don’t get that sore from working out.”
– Marie K.

“What I like about the Curvassure shorts is that I didn’t lose the size of my butt, it didn’t make my butt smaller but it made my butt a lot smoother. I noticed a big reduction in the cellulite and the dimpling in my butt, and so it made me a lot more confident too. One of the things that I really noticed, it inspired me to workout other parts of my body because now that my butt is more in shape, then I want to have the rest of my body match it.”
– Roxanne W.

“At first I didn’t believe that this would do anything for me and I thought, this is just some kind of like a gimmick and I have watched other infomercials with the same sort of thing and thought that it was all just a hoax. But once I put on the shorts, I couldn’t believe how quickly I got results and how wonderful my butt looked from just only a week of wearing the shorts. It’s a great workout, doing absolutely nothing.”
– Mary C.

What You’ll Receive When You Purchase Curvassure:

  • The Curvassure Contour Muscle Stimulator – with 3 pre-programmed settings!
  • 3 AAA Batteries
  • Lead-wires
  • 4 silicone electrodes that never need replacing!
  • 1 tube of conductive gel
  • 1 Pair of Curvassure Toning Shorts
  • Travel/Storage Clutch
  • Instruction Manual & Quick Start Guide

free bonus gift!

If you decide to order the Curvassure Butt Toning System today you’ll receive a FREE Jar of Body Firming Cream which was clinically proven to reduce cellulite by 33%!

That’s a plus.

A sexy butt gives you a younger appearance. Not to mention a more sexy look all together…

If you had in mind to work your butt but have been reluctant before when you thought about those nasty exercises, now is your chance to do that with no work at all. Just let these pants to do the job, and you concentrate on collecting those looks that will most certainly go straight to your behind…

Offer details  30 day trial

Trial offer includes initial payment of $19.95 plus $9.95 shipping.

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